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About Us

Moses Project is a non-profit organization that enlightens and empowers people to excel in the arts, business, education, family life, social harmony, and technology through faith-based wisdom and love. The mission is to enhance community esteem, morale, and dignity by bringing ministry, resources, opportunities, and exposure to the underserved.

We serve the community by restoring dignity, bringing hope, and creating resources to those who are:
Addicted, Incarcerated, Homeless, Hungry, Mentally Ill, Orphaned, Widowed,
Struggling Families Members, Discouraged Educators, and Underserved Minorities.

We do this via:
Food Relief Programs
Counseling Sessions
Empowerment Programs (Financial Literacy, Healthy Cooking on a Budget)
Weekly Podcast (Family Life Empowerment)
Gift-Giving and Appreciation Days (Blessings Educators, Day-Care Workers, etc.)
Hands-On Approach

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Pastor Edwin Youngblood