How to Improve Things

About Us

* I am finally (almost) retired!
* I am experienced in Drafting and House Designing; I have designed 15 houses that have been built in Maury and Williamson County
* I am learning the Revit Autodesk 3D CAD Software.
* I am learning Sketch List 3D CAD Furniture Design Software.
* I do woodworking, landscaping, gardening, outdoor shed designer and Grandkids.
* I am also a professional Excel Spreadsheet Programmer, analyst, material planner, and household budget advisor.

Contact me and let's have fun talking about your projects.
If it is not broken, let's make it better!
If it is broke, let's fix it!
What! Need something brand new and unique! No Problem! That is my favorite thing to do!

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Loyd Davey Jolly
Retired-How to Improve Things Professional